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Piccotello PMS is one of the products of Freetime Hospitality B.V.

Freetime Hospitality, established in Amstelveen, was incorporated in 1988 and is a supplier of reservation and sales register  systems for the hospitality industry. At the end of 2009 Freetime Hospitality, formerly Hospitality Systems Holland (HSH), became part of Freetime Company.

Freetime Hospitality is known from the property management system VIPS and the POS system [point-of-sale system] PixelPoint POS. For more information about VIPS and/or Pixelpoint, visit:  www.freetimehospitality.nl.



When we started the development of Piccotello in 2016, we had the vision to develop an affordable PMS especially for the small hotelier/ B&B. This target group was often forced to work with too expensive and too large systems or with Excel. We found this unfair and so we developed Piccotello PMS.

We did, however, have a number of requirements; the newly to be developed PMS had to;

• become an affordable system
• be fully web-based
• meet the desires and needs of the small hotelier/ B&B

After 2 years we can proudly say that Piccotello meets the above requirements and that many small/ medium-sized hotels and B&Bs are pleased to use Piccotello.

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