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Where is our data stored? 
Piccotello is a complete cloud solution. The data is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure servers.
How do you ensure that our data is safe?
Piccotello is constructed in Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure has one of the highest levels of security, so your data is always safe.
In which languages is Piccotello available? 
Piccotello is currently available in Dutch and English. We are currently working on the Spanish translation.
What kind of training do you offer?
We offer 8 hours of training. This is included in the monthly fee for using Piccotello. The training will be customized to your hotel, needs and employees.
How long does it take to get started?
Piccotello PMS can be ready to use within 48 hours. When using integrations we use a starting period of 2 weeks.
I could not find the integration I was looking for. Does this mean you you don’t support it? 
Indeed, this means that we do not support the integration at the moment. However, we like to look with you for possibilities to realize a possible link or another suitable solution.
Do you offer a booking module? 
We do not offer our own online booking module. However, it is possible to link various booking modules through the channel managers. The list can be seen at the partners, click here.
What is the target group of Piccotello?
Piccotello is specialised in small to medium-sized hotels. This specialization is characterized by the user-friendliness,
functionalities and partners. We work daily on new functionalities and improvements in the PMS,
with which the needs of our target group are the greatest motivation.