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Bed and breakfast- and hotel owners, pay attention! You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

Take advantage out of joining booking sites and providers of hotel packages in the hospitality branche!

You didn’t choose to run a hotel because you love to do the administration, or because you like to be busy with advertising. You simply like to be a good host, who makes his guests feel at home. But what if you are extremely busy with several important parts of the job, which distract you from doing that one thing: making your guests feel welcome? Maybe it’s time to consider some things…


Promoting your guesthouse without much effort

You understand the necessity of promoting your guesthouse, but it distracts you from your main job: to keep your guests happy. So how do you make more time for the work you love so much without having stress about advertising and visiter numbers. Finally, you want the attention of as much potential guests as possible. Therefore being in the spotlights is essential. Piccotello for example, helps you with matters concerning reservations and administrative actions. Why not ask for help when it comes to promoting your company? Consider a business partner who levels with you and gives you good ideas. Without high costs, without much effort! How? For an example by cooperate with several booking sites, where your so called hotel packages get good attention.


The benefits of hotel packages

‘Why hotel packages? I just want people to book a room!’ We can imagine you think that way. But don’t underestimate the benefits of hotel packages, for the guest and therefore for you! The potential customer is attracted by the advantageous total amount of the package, which includes an overnight stay, breakfast en many extras like diner, bike rental or free wellness access. The guest doesn’t know the exact room rate, and that will give you the opportunity to make a sharp deal, with usefull advice from the external party. After all this partner is familiar with the market, the best offers and the target audience. When you offer benefitial hotel packages, the deals can easily be shown and promoted by a wellknown provider of packages, like for instance from Holland. More people than ever will see what you have to offer.


The expert gives you tricks and good advice

Also by using other media channels, such as television, radio, online newsletters and written press, you can generate much more attention for your guesthouse. You think that will cost you much trouble and a high price? You are so wrong! It’s for each and every small hotel very benefitial to choose the ideal partner(s). What’s wrong with taking advantage out of the expertise and the range of the big players in the hospitality branch, who’ll make sure that your charming company gets the attention it needs. Nothing wrong with it! The contacts of these partners are often nice sparring partners, who know a lot about the shared discipline. Last but not least: the costs are relatively low and sometimes even on the basis of no cure no pay. So entering into a partnership with providers and bookingssites in de hospitality business must be worth considering!


Written by:
Shelley Jacobs