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Why even small hotels and B&B’s should invest in a PMS

As a B&B manager or manager of a small hotel you often think that you save costs by using Excel or pen/paper. While this often costs money in the long run.

Without PMS all online reservations (that come in online;, Expedia etc.) have to be processed immediately. If this does not happen, you will not have a clear overview of the correct availability. This is especially a problem with a telephone reservation request. Besides the fact that this can cause overbooking, it also causes frustration for both parties. You get frustrated because you constantly have to process the reservations directly and the guest gets frustrated because the reservation process takes too long. A PMS solves these frustrations.

In addition to the frustrations with reservation requests, you will always have to manually adjust the channel manager when making / changing / canceling direct reservations. If you don’t adjust the availability in the channel manager in time, you may have a chance of overbooking or losing revenue. Because of the link between a PMS and a channel manager, the availability in the channel manager is always updated and you no longer have a chance of incorrect availability in the channels.

Of course it is not your only task to process reservations. You have a lot of responsibilities and you don’t have the time to update your administration full-time. With a PMS this will be automated and you will have more time for your guests. In addition, of course, you want to know what is best for your business. The extensive reports of a PMS give you the possibility to make analyses of your company. This allows you to optimize the turnover and occupancy.

We understand better than anyone that when you work in the hospitality industry, you want to spend as much time as possible on your guests. By means of a PMS you communicate efficiently with your guests. For example, you can automatically send confirmations. In addition, all guest data is stored, so that returning guests are always recognized. You can also add comments to the guests, which you will see every time the guest stays. This allows you to offer the best guest service.

The investment in a PMS is not so high these days. This is because nowadays there are web-based systems like Piccotello PMS. This saves you money, time and allows you to be flexible.