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MplusKASSA is the easiest to use POS [point-of-sale] software in the Netherlands. Try 30 days free with the demo version that you can download on the website

MplusKASSA is the most user-friendly and flexible POS software on the Dutch market. You choose and pay for the functionalities that are required, so you never pay too much. Because MplusKASSA is sold by certified cash register dealers, there is always a specialist in your area who can help you.

Never forget to serve a guest with the MplusKASSA. Using the floor plan, you can see exactly which table needs to be provided with a new drink. Everybody pays for themselves? No problem! Make a down payment on one table, divide the amount by the number of persons, split the part of the receipt to another table or just merge two tables.

With kitchen management, the dishes to be prepared in the kitchen are clearly displayed on a kitchen screen. This way, you can create peache and quiet in your kitchen and your chef can fully focus on the most beautiful dishes.

With more than 60 linked apps and a well-documented API, MplusKASSA is the most comprehensive checkout package in the Netherlands. Check out the website, for all the possibilities and also download a demo version to try MplusKASSA for free for 30 days.