SmartHOTEL has over 20 years of experience within the Hospitality Industry. Our strength is in our companies’ history. We started out as a PMS provider. This taught us how to seamlessly integrate with other distribution channels. Being Hospitality experts ourselves, we know exactly what our customers need and the exact challenges hoteliers of all kinds face each day. We deliver Smart and Simple software with service as our speciality!


Our aim is to make your life easier with great products and even greater service, so that you can spend your time realizing the ultimate guest experience in every way possible.


SmartHOTEL Channel Manager.

Manage all your booking channels in one place, connected to your Piccotello PMS.


Keeping your rooms, rates and restrictions up-to-date across your booking sites was never so easy. Your time is precious and should be dedicated to optimizing your guest experience. Avoid overbookings, time-consuming manual channel management, errors and missed opportunities.
Increase your online bookings with the Smart Channel Manager.


2000+ hotels choose us for: Dedicated service

We go the extra mile so you can have 100% peace of mind.


MORE THAN JUST A PRODUCT – While we are proud of our advanced channel management technology, it is our service that makes the real difference in the daily lives of our customers.
TAILORED SERVICE – Our experts work with you to establish your optimal channel mix. Missing a channel? We will get it integrated!
100% IN-HOUSE SUPPORT – When you have a problem or need advice, we will help you immediately and directly. No excuses, no ticket systems, no call centers.


Save precious time and boost your revenue

One-stop automated management of all your booking channels.


AUTOMATE – Eliminate manual input errors through a seamless integration with Piccotello.
INCREASE – online bookings and avoid overbookings with 2-way connectivity and real-time, accurate room inventory and rate management across all your online channels / OTAs.
FREE UP – precious time to spend on your guest experience without sacrificing online distribution impact.


Ready to optimize your Online Distribution?

Get connected with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

  • Manage all your Booking Channels in one place
  • Fully integrated with your PMS
  • 100% In-house Consultancy & Support
  • Operated by Hospitality Minded Professionals


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