Piccotello is the PMS for
the small hotelier and B&B

Experience the benefits of Piccotello

Piccotello offers you access to your data from any device and location, as long as you have access to the internet. The advantages of a web-based reservation system are:

Guest history

There is nothing as important as personal service at a small hotel/ B&B. Because of our guest history function, you always have the wishes of your guest at hand and you can offer the best service during the making of the reservation, check-in or during the stay. Do you have many business guests? It is easy to link the company profiles to the guest profiles.


Through our housekeeping functionality you can see in one overview which rooms have to be cleaned. You can group the rooms per room cleaning person if desired or prioritise the order of cleaning. This way you can be sure that the room is clean when you have an early check-in.

Advanced reports

The advanced reports offer an insight into your company. By means of the reports you gain insight into your occupation, administration and the operational activities.
By means of the reports you can easily complete the tourist tax declaration and your accountant has all the information at hand.


With one push of a button you can easily create an invoice, adjusted to the reservation. You can change items and add to an invoice or still quickly change the billing address. In addition, you manage all payments from the invoices.

The tourist tax is automatically calculated and if necessary added to the invoice.

If you have a group reservation Piccotello offers the possibility to make a (partial) group invoice.


At a glance you can see all reservation statistics in the dashboard. You can make a (group) reservation quickly and easily, after which you can send the confirmation to the guest at the touch of a button. Do you have a link with a channel manager? Then the availability is immediately adjusted on all websites.

You can easily keep track of your reservations via our planning board. Additionally, you can manage all reservations from the planning board.

If you use a link with a channel manager, the reservations come directly into the PMS.

The benefits of a web-based PMS

Piccotello offers you access to your data from any device and location, as long as you have access to the internet. The benefits of a web-based reservation system are:

Always the latest version

With traditional software you have to install the updates yourself, this is not the case with Piccotello. Piccotello is automatically updated, so you always use the latest and best version.

No hosting costs

You pay no hosting costs. You only have to pay a fixed amount per month for the use of the PMS.

No servers

You do not need servers, only an internet connection!

No additional hardware necessary

When using Piccotello you do not require to use any expensive hardware and you therefore do not run into purchasing costs for this. The system simply works on all devices.

No database licences

There are no high licence costs in advance, so no investment is required to start with Piccotello.


You do not require servers; you have access to the PMS from any device and location. The only thing that you require is an internet connection.

Why others opt for Piccotello

Assistance of hospitality experts

Stay updated on the latest trends in your industry. Share your ideas and get professional feedback. The best training of the system from a hotel expert.

30 years of experience

Piccotello was developed by hospitality experts at Freetime hospitality. You can sense the presence of our 30 years of experience in hotel software development when using the reservation system.

Quick and easy

Piccotello has been built for the hotelier, by the hotelier. As a result, the implementation time is significantly reduced and you can easily and quickly get started with our reservation system.

Easy to use

Piccotello is a very efficient and easy-to-use reservation system that fully meets the wishes [needs] of the small hotelier. This gives you more time for your guests.

Manage your hotel at any moment

Our reservation system gives you access to your information at any time, via any device and at any location . All you need is an Internet connection.

Your opinion counts

The development of Piccotello revolves around your opinion. Together with you, Piccotello will develop to become the ranking online reservation system for the small hotelier. Your ideas and improvements will be taken carefully into account in the reservation system development plan.

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